10 Reasons why Royal Enfield is best for Indian Road

From the classic Bullet look to new age cruisers and even an adventure touring motorcycle in the Himalayan, Royal Enfield has a wide range of motorcycles on offer. For some, it may be the ’60s British design, the aura of a retro bike which has been in service for over half a century and for others, it may be a ‘do everything’ bike; for the daily commute, for leisure riding and even for the occasional long distance ride.There’s no denying that Royal Enfield motorcycles attract a cult following, be it the seasoned ‘Bullet lover’ or the newbie for whom nothing else but a Royal Enfield would do. The reasons for this following are many – from brand loyalty, street presence and the go-anywhere, rock solid image of Royal Enfield bikes.5773b5a99ec6681f80d73aa2

So here we are going to give you 10 reason to why Royal Enfield is best for Indian roads-

  • Very Indian Very Desi

Though Royal Enfield, the company was originally born in the UK, the brand image transformation has been successfully carried over by Indian owners after the company exited UK market back in 1967. So much so, that Royal Enfield is now blindly known as “Indian origin” company. That’s itself is a big testimony of company’s India-centric operations.

  • Cult fan following

No matter what you hear from some people, the ground reality is that Royal Enfield has millions of die-hard fans, not only in India but abroad as well. Plus, Royal Enfield riders are probably the most brand loyal customers too. No any regular novice biker would wait for 5-8 months to get delivery of his new bike.

  • Desert to Glaciers

Defence depends on RE Bullet since 1948. The Bullet is the most steady ride ever. Whether you take it to mountains in Leh and Ladakh or desert region of Rajasthan, it will make your ride worth it. Every year thousands of rider visit extreme places of India on their Enfield.


  • Brotherhood

It was because of Bullet that touring culture paced up in India. When you see another person riding a bullet, you don’t feel like racing with him but it is more of a brotherly feeling. Today, groups of bulleteers ride together around the country from Kashmir to Kanyakumari.

  • Jab Bullet Chale to Duniya Rasta De

This is the tagline of the brand which turns out to be true. Bullet is not just a head turner, but the world makes the way for its riders. When you are riding a Bullet it is more about enjoying the journey and not really caring about the destination.

  • Song Tradition
Bullet is called the royal ride on the roads of Punjab. There are hardly any songs revolving around Kawasaki or Hayabusa even they are considered the mean machines. Every second song in Punjab is theme based on Bullet.
  • Maruti of Bike world

Any mechanic anywhere in India can repair a royal enfiled. This is one of the major reason of buying an Enfield. Whether it is Leh or Arunachal Pradesh you will people using Enfield for touring.

  • Sensible ride

To all those who thinks Enfield are meant to meant to suck litres of petrol then let me clear this to you. This is not 1960’s , We are in 2017 and company has invested a lot to improve the ergonomics. Now Enfields deliver35 – 40 kmpl. That is good for such a bulky bike.

  • Style Icon

From Brad Pitt to MS dhoni and many more. This bike has attracted many celebrities and they are even crazy for their bikes. Ms dhoni gas restored a 1960’s royal Enfield.It is part of  the Indian army. And also part of Indian mountain roads.

  • To those who love number

1. Royal Enfield is constantly registering 40-50% YoY (year on year) growth for the last three years.
2. It has already surpassed global giant, Harley Davidson (=2.67 lakhs bikes) by selling 3 lakhs units in 2014
3. Due to high demand, the current average waiting period of a Royal Enfield bike is 5 month and to acknowledge the customer’s interest, the company is all set to increase the production capacity to 52,000 bikes every month by December 2015.
4. Royal Enfield recently sold out it’s inventory of 200 units of limited edition ‘Despatch’ bike in less than 26 minutes in an ‘online only’ sale.
5. Royal Enfield bikes are now sold in more than 40 countries worldwide.

With such great traction, it only means that even better bikes, better technology and better products are gonna come in near future.


   “Thump thump thump thump “




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