An exhausting week of work will have you craving for inner peace and beautiful getaways. What better time than the monsoons to go on weekend vacation? Head out to great locales in the midst of nature, indulge in some adventurous activities, catch up with friends over road trips, soak in the rain on bike rides as they move with the wind from one scenery to another. Here are some monsoon weekend getaways for those living in Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai and Bengaluru.

  • Lavasa(Near Mumbai)


This hill city is absolutely mesmerising during the rainy seasons. Perfect getaway for backpackers staying in Mumbai and Pune. Their serpentine roads are a dream ride for bikers. While you’re there you can zip across the water on a jet ski on Dasve Lake or go for a nature trail in Hotel Ekanth. Nestled among forest hill, Lavasa is known for its greenery, waterfalls and scenic routes. It is a favourite for monsoon travel as it provides the best view of the mountain passes, and gushing waterfalls.

  • Mahabalipuram (Near Chennai and Bangalore)


This place is perfect for those staying near Bengaluru and Chennai. One would associate beaches with Goa but for those who can’t go west, this will compensate in more ways than you can imagine. These beaches are serene and peaceful as not many people visit this place. Other attractions are the Mahabalipuram caves and intricate temples which turn out be serene when shadowed by dark clouds and drizzling rains. Perfect place for a photographer to spend his weekends.

  • Igatpuri (Near Mumbai and Pune)


Igatpuri is located in the high mountains of the Western Ghats. It is the most popular destinations for trekking and also has Vipassana for meditation which is the major attraction for visitors. this place is perfect for a family outing. Igatpuri is just 120 kms away from Mumbai is perfect for a short yet memorable monsoon getaway.

  • Bharatpur (Near Jaipur and New Delhi)

Bharatpur is known for the Keoladeo Ghana National Park which is most famous bird sanctuaries in the world. It is recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. People staying near Delhi can drive to this place and soak in the natural habitat of this sanctuary which is pristine during the monsoons. They are accommodation options in Bharatpur for different budgets.

  • Pondicherry (Near Chennai and Bangalore)


The beaches of Pondi have become a major tourist attraction because of their golden-yellow sand and deep blue seas. They also have some really quaint cafes which are inspired by French cuisines and decor. This place is ideal for backpackers staying near Chennai and Bangalore to enjoy the Palm trees swaying in the monsoon breeze.


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