The bike that gets worshipped

India is a land where you’ll not only see gods being worshipped but even trees and animals. But, I bet you’ve never seen a motorbike being worshipped, have you? Say what? That was my reaction too when I first discovered this strange but true fact.

Believe it or not but at the Om Banna Temple, the motorbike is worshipped as a deity! No wonder, it left me amazed as I stood wide-mouthed seeing a tall, black Royal Enfield Bullet ornamented with flower garlands and shielded in a glass box.

Located in the Pali district of Chotila Village, almost 50 kilometres from Jodhpur, this temple is the star attraction for a traveller crossing National Highway 65 in Pali. Hundreds of people come here every day to offer liquor and pray for a safe journey.


I am not making this up, as it is one of the most awestruck places where every rider visit. There are many stories heard about this place but the most famous are the appearance of the motorbike at the accident spot. Police emptied the tank still next day bike was found lying at the accident spot.  Soon locals started worshipping the motorbike. Soon the place came to known as Bullet baba. Strange?

The Royal Enfield bike is encased in a glass box.What caught my striking attention was the sight of devotees offering alcohol to the bust of Om Banna. Believers of Om Banna make a wish at the temple and return on fulfillment to offer Om Banna a bottle of alcohol. Surely, one weird ritual!

But one issue is certain In Asian nation Royal Enfield is worshiped.


A Rider’s diary

I’ve been riding motorcycles for seven years. It’s extremely laborious to believe I’ve been doing something that long; several different hobbies and dalliances have come back and gone over those years. However riding and also the terrible culture of motorcycles has lodged itself into my being, in a very means that few different things have. Why? I don’t extremely are aware of it. Chatting with my riding mates, we have a tendency to all have such a lot of anecdotes, such a lot data we’ve gathered from all that seat time. There’s a clarity within the expertise, a richness that accumulates. The best, most intimate riders don’t extremely place confidence in it that abundant, they simply get on with it, and their riding looks easy. however, we’re all effort for that. I assume the 7-year mark simply is enough to pin down some lessons learnt while riding.
So here could be a bit what I learned over seven years of riding. I doubt everybody can believe all of it. Hopefully, you’ll like few

  • Learn to be quick and sleek. this is often, however, you management your life. It tries to manoeuvre quickly however your expertise makes it sleek.
  • It is invariably higher to predict than to react. Be the associate optimistic one that cares for everything in a very positive means.You need to remember what’s happening in around you.
  • Riding off road causes you to a far better rider. You learn to handle the case wherever traction is dodgy and touch upon obstacles. It is fun.
  • Life can keep going, the clock can keep ticking and affirmative, the boss can keep screaming. however, my bike can keep my curve smile that sets everything straight on behalf of me.
  • This was from my father. the sooner you rise to ride, the higher you ride are. It really seems to be a life lesson on behalf of me.
  • Riding a motorcycle is concerning as pure associate exercise in moment living. Our bodies and mind meld with the motorcycles, the management associate extension of our thoughts.
  • And finally, each second spent on top of the ground is nice. a day spent on 2 wheels is best. Amen!
                                          Happiness is riding a bike. Once unsure, ride it out.

KTM diaries- Late night ride for tea

7f6331cb2a8097b83ceaff84f70a0177Photostory…..Nice Monday night. I along with my friend on a late night ride on KTM Duke 200 stopped by at roadside Tea stall near Railway station.

Tea, late night ride and Bikes is an amazing experience though everyone can not subscribe to it.

For few, tea is a drink and for few, it is just part of life. You cannot resist to it.  Aroma of tea and ginger made those moments more relaxed. Although if you are living in northern India then this experience could get double. And to do so one need KULLAHAD. A small pot made of clay. It plays the different purpose in different parts of India. The Smell of clay makes sipping tea more palatable.

Only at railway station we could get tea after late night ride. But these roadside tea stalls have their own aroma and voodoo.

Tea is part of life. It kicks starts my day and also ends it too. A rainy day and riding motorcycle to nearest tea stall have its own space in my mind. It makes you relaxed and contented. And KTM is best to make my memories more memorable.

A day without tea is a day without joy.


“Don’t live same year 75 times and call it a life”
It was my  dream, solo ride to Manali

It’s a true biker’s dream to reach this at least once in his lifetime. It’s a moment to be cherished for a lifetime. Biking is not just to sit on a bike and ride, it’s much more than that which cannot be explained in words.

Manali is a high-altitude Himalayan resort town in India’s northern Himachal Pradesh state. It has a reputation as a back visiting equality Set on the Beas River, it’s a gateway for skiing along Valley and trekking in Parvati Valley.

Manali is accessible by most transport means, but I choose a bike ride up to this place. Although I got the chance only to visit Rohtang pass. there are quite a few things I managed to see/try within that short period.


I was very adamant to go all by road. I was motivated and got ready for the trip. I choose Royal Enfield for my journey. A reliable and best bike for this trip. This was my first solo bike trip. I read hundreds of blog, watched thousand of videos and had million expectation to make this most memorable trip of my life. I started at 9 am and soon was on an open highway. I did all my homework before starting this trip. Although it was only 300 km with turn and twist made this journey amazing.On my way, there were many trucks and tourist buses but still achieved some reasonable speed on this stretch.

Reasonable speed is around 40 kmph. Very soon I was faced with potholes that swallow up my bike, craters filled with dirty brown water and truckers who appear out of nowhere to push me off the road.
About the time when I swear to myself not to come on this road again, I crossed a toll and from there, the roads get better. The road is then a straight run till Manali. The roads are a series of blind corners, hairpins and short straight stretches with villages all over. One has to be on top of your game when driving. There is a lot of truck traffic and sometimes it can get frustrating when to keep trying to get ahead of them. I was making sure of not overtaking any vehicle on blind spots. Still one need to be very focused on these roads.

About the time, I crossed all the bad roads and now I was hungry and cranky. Both man and machine need rest so I headed towards a Hill top restaurant.
Past that I came to Bilaspur where I filled my tank and bought few snacks. Past Bilaspur, machine start working. Open roads, less traffic and beautiful mountain range. It was like a movie scene for me. Soon I stopped at a mountain viewpoint and clicked few pictures.Now I was very close to Kullu. My first destination where I met an old friend who also hosted me.

I crossed beautiful Beas river dam and then headed towards Kullu. The surface quality was good and soon there were some really nice corners making things really interesting.

Soon I reached Kullu and here I ended my first day of solo riding.